Safe Energy Storage System

Energy Storage System (ESS) plays a key role in storing and supplying the available natural energy. Increasing numbers of ESS has also come up with frequent safety issues from fundamental cell level.
Beifuss Industrie Systeme GmbH is devoted to resolve this frequently ocurring issue right from the establishment. Our tailor-made sensors and systems have the capability of monitoring the individual battery health during the entire life-time of the storage system.

Safety Issues

Lithium ion batteries are prone to electrochemical, physical, mechanical and electrical shortcomings. One or more of the above might lead to the battery decomposition. This in turn causes a steady increase in temperature and eventually into thermal runaway.
Therfore, a good storage system is not only counted for its energy storage efficiency but also for its safe operations. The system should monitor the battery health and warn the degradation well in advance. Our set of suitable sensors are able guarantee operational safety of individual battery and warn for battery degradataion.

Our Expertise

The experts in Beifuss take in this global issue with meticulous care. We are committed to reduce the recurring thermal runaway issues by customizing, developing and deploying the needed sensing system. Our stable sensors would monitor the battery health parameters and warn the thermal runaway or the mechanical abuse well in advance.
On the other side, we are collaborating from the battery manufacturer to the system construction professionals to ensure the safety of the storage system.
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Safety is what we are passionate about

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